Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wall Hanging

More Mod Podge!! I covered a B with some of my favorite fabric to hang in the dining room. It was quick and easy.
The letter B I bought at the local Hobby Lobby. I think it said it was MDF. Can't remember tho. The fabric is from a pack of fat quarters I bought. I used about a quarter of the fat quarter.

I used a light coat of MP on the front, so it wouldn't leak thru the fabric and make it darker.  I had to cut the fabric in places to make the fold around the curves. The white in the photo is the still wet Mod Podge. I put quite a lot on the back to make sure it was super sealed.
The finished B!!! I am going to attach a ribbon to the back and use that to hang it with. It was a fast and easy project.

Happy Crafting!!

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