Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YAY Cricut!!

Been working with the Cricut. Looked at a lot of videos on youtube. Finally decided to start a canvas with the word create on it and various flowers and yeah... After cutting many, many, many, MANY, trials on regular paper, I decided to go with my good paper. Wasn't totally happy with it so I put it on hold.

While I was searching youtube, I found THIS!!

I was speechless. Had to buy it. Been playing with it all day. I love that it uses any font that you have on your computer. Being a graphic artist, fonts are VERY important to me. They make or break a project.

Here is the first thing I did with the new software
I'm so so so excited!! I can't wait to get back to my big project. I also have a book of  clip art that I think will work with the new software.

And my beautiful boy Milo decided to join me

And yes, his eyes really are that color. they change from orange to yellow ochre to a light green. Really odd.
Happy Crafting!!

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