Friday, February 5, 2010


... it is a comin!! For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about... (no it's not a racist remark lol altho it always sounds like one to me, idk why... ) White Death is what we call the panic the public gets into when we are expecting snow. Everyone runs to the grocery store and then huddles down and waits the snow out. Even the mere mention of snow gets everyone into a total panic and a lot of people start canceling appointments (I'm a receptionist at a hair salon, I get a lot of cancellations before a snow) It's crazy around here. And for some reason, all the old people start to come out as it's happening to go to the store!! If they knew it was going to happen, why don't they plan the day ahead... Oh Gosh!! Now I'm all fired up lol.

I only wish we had gotten to the Joann Fabrics superstore last night. Oh well. I admit, I don't like going out in the snow. And I wish I had a project to work on. I need fabric for my curtains lol.

Huddled Down with the Cats While It Snows...

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